Saturday, October 12, 2013

Roses, Butterflies, and Business Plans

I won't lie; trying to get Lillies In June jump started is terribly exhausting.  Carving a place for myself in a billion dollar a year industry takes hardwork,  determination, and a lightning fast connection. Tne redundancy of posting links to my Facebook page, uploading photos to Instagram, listing items in my online store, dealing with PayPal, and working on writing a great business plan can really be tiresome.  However, you realize that it's worth it when someone shares your page, asks about your products, or actually buys one of your body butters!

So aside from all of this I still make time to attempt to eat better, hit the gym every other day, celebrate birthdays with family, and make my granddaughter, Mya Rose a one of a kind silver necklace in honor of her 2nd year!  Tomorrow is Sunday, and that means Raiders Football!  Although I will be in front of the television rooting for my favorite team, I'll also be putting in time on social media.  Have a great evening!

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