Friday, October 4, 2013

Gym Flow

Bike path that runs behind my apartment complex

Over the past ten years, I put on a considerable amount of weight. I have been meaning to do something about it before I was too far gone, so I started out taking a brisk walk every morning. The Calaveras River runs adjacent to the bike path here in Stockton.  If you have ever walked that path, you know that it's very peaceful, and scenic.  The problem with that was there was no accountability. I would start off strong, taking long strides, and tensing my leg muscles.  However, my thoughts would take over, and with my focus diverted I found that I wasn't keeping up the pace needed to really work those muscles I wanted to desperately tone.

Mini cream puffs and small coffee from M&W Dutch Bakery.
Great baked goods, and great service!

Luckily for me,  a brand new gym was being constructed up the street from my house.   I went in and signed up.  Now I'm spending about 12 hours per week getting my pre-baby body back.  Do i want to look like I did in high school?  No, I really just want to look like a fit __ year old.   I must admit, there are days when I would rather turn over and go back to sleep for another hour, but I drag myself out of bed because the weight isn't going to lose itself!  

I must admit that I am that person who is easily discouraged.  I want results after the very first workout!  Not realistic...I know.  Somehow, someway I stuck with it, altered my eating habits, and I can truly say I'm noticing little changes.  For one thing my clothes are fitting better.  I've also been told that my face is a lot leaner, and I definitely have more energy.  I realize that I will never again look like a twenty year old, but this isn't about looking younger; it's about being fit.  I do indulge from time to time, but only a little...there's nothing wrong with treating yourself!

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