Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cancer, Anyone?

So, the last time we were together I was somewhat looking forward to rooting for my team the Oakland Raiders.  As usual they started off with a touchdown, but after what seemed like a million penalties, lost the game!  Pryor clearly wasn't at his best, and I was really ready to give up on them....again.  I say that after every loss, but by Wednesday hope returns.  Well at least my business plan is coming along, and I'm learning a lot about the beauty industry through good market research.  Did you know that beauty as a whole generated over two-trillion dollars around the globe last year, with the United States accounting for 844 million in the skincare segment?  According to my research, the beauty industry is the most consistent.  Let's be honest, is there a woman you know between the ages of 12 -70 who doesn't spend money on personal care?

With the population embracing a healthier lifestyle, it was only a matter of time before personal care brands began adding "natural" and "organic" products to their product lines.  Of course most of us assume that if a product claims to be organic, then it must be....right?

According to the UK Daily Mail, skincare companies like Nivea, Boots, and Organix have been fooling consumers by labeling their products as organic, when they contain toxic ingredients like METHylosothiyazolinone; an ingredients found in anti-freeze, window, and floor cleaner. This highly toxic chemical is known to cause cancer, and has been linked to nerve damage.  Companies like Nivea has known that in general consumers can barely read or pronounce the names of these ingredients, and can't be bothered to Google them, obviously.  There are no legal restrictions on the labeling of organic. Skincare products.  Not until someone is diagnosed with skin cancer.

Apparently, not even the babies are safe as Johnson and Johnson baby products were also found  to have cancer causing chemicals.  Of course it took 3 years of pressure, but they plan to reformulate the childrens skincare products by the end of this year.  If you use Neutrogena, Aveeno, or Lubriderm ( subsidiaries of J&J), you'll just have to wait until 2015.  Until then you can still by your cancer at your local supermarket, or drugstore.  Hey Johnson & Johnson...why don't you just recall that crap and get it off the shelf?

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