Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Seasons Change

After a long,  hot Summer I'm glad to say that the temperatures are finally dropping. Tons of crisp brown leaves carpet the grass in my complex,  and I find myself thinking of Thanksgiving turkey,  cranberries, the smell of cinnamon and  cloves,  and lighting my fireplace!  By the way,  I just happened to smell a candle fragranced with vanilla and sandalwood essential oils!  It smelled too good,  and just how I would like any men who are around me to smell!  I am definitely adding this combo to my lineup. According to the men on my Facebook page,  they would buy body spray,  but not mist.  I guess misting isn't dudely!  Somewhere deep down,  I guess I already knew that!

Anyway,  I'm  one of those people that believes that it's a beautiful thing to give back during the holidays.  I'm not saying that you shouldn't give back all year in any way you can,  but the Holidays can be an especially tough time for those who are troubled,  or experiencing adversity in their lives.  Of course,  corporations don't make it any better by pushing us to spend more money,  and placing ourselves further into debt so we can feel accepted,  or that we are good parents because we bought our children new junk that they seem to lose interest in by New Years Eve.

However,  instead of adding to my children's arsenal of toys,  I'm going to give them a lesson in giving back.  We will be making gifts for women residing at my local domestic violence shelter. These women are courageous, resilient,  and deserve to know that someone cares about what they are going through. So, I'm asking each of you who bothered to read this to help me provide an L.I.J Natural Luxuries gift bag to the ladies residing in the shelter, as well as the staff that work there, and handle the hotline which is the first point of contact!  This gift set includes a body butter,  body mist,  body scrub,  loofah,  and a scented candle.  I have a goal of $500.00 to cover ingredients,  supplies,  and shipping. If there is anything left,  it will also go to the shelter as a cash donation. I know five hundred dollars is a large sum but not if everyone helps out. If you can donate any amount to a worthwhile cause, please do. Even if you cannot contribute, help someone this Holiday season!

I'd like to help 

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